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Boing, Missionary

Postby Dellam » Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:41 am

Months had passed since Boing arrived in Arnad Gaurhoth and much had occurred in that time. Once just a goblin who flock had been cruelly cut down now he had found a new place for himself and a new flock entirely. It had taken some doing though and alot of fast talking from Handgoose but they had achieved something special which had only become all the more so with the Bosses recent victory.

When he had first come to this place he had assumed it had been Neffekeffens will and he'd run with it, offering the Bosses nature up to the humanoids as a new path for them. At the very least a vague interest on their part had spared his life but it seemed his words caught a little more attention in some quarters. It had started with just a couple, two eager minds willing to accept the 'truth' that Boing had to offer and so with their help he'd gone in search of a place to live. He'd found it in the hollow of a tree, a great white wooded thing which looked much out of place to the greenery around it. In actual fact it was almost as though the rest of the trees shunned it for the space it had. Boing found that beautiful in its own way.

In this place he set to teaching his proteges everything he knew of the world and of Neffekeffen, how the mind was at its most free when utterly deranged. In time from sinking themselves into this lore his students even began to exhibit signs that the Boss had touched them and this pleased the goblin. Within a month he had them both return to their people, to draw others into the fold and it wasn't long before curiosity and honeyed words led others to his door. By the time the coldest days of the year rolled around, 3 months from his arrival, his pair had become a cult...a cult of Insanity. His words had even begun to affect the society of the Under Dwellers, where before they were focused and severe now many were scattered, mad and even dangerous. His flock began to revere oddity and mutation, looking for signs of it in the newly born or even trying to work out ways of creating it in themselves and it was a trend that had grown drasticaly in just these last few short days.

Now when they slept they dreamt of Pandemonium and this had come as a sign, proof that every word the goblin spoke was true. Neffekeffens words in dreams echoed in the minds of his new people and swelled the ranks of the cult all the more. At the rate things were going, Boing felt, soon they would no longer just be a people dedicated to Insanity but a kingdom. Handsgoose concurred with this conclusion as they stood watching the dawn.

Yes, things were going nicely they thought.
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