The Missing

For In Character events on the small island where the plantmen known as Brocklings originate

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The Missing

Postby Phil.Priest » Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:59 am

Following a difficult day Darvan returns to the Colourful Isle, despite the need to rest he moves through the Bastion of Hope towards the Elven dominated part. Upon reaching the outskirts of the elven encampment he is quickly admitted and moves to find Erathil.

His time with the High King lasts for several hours, they discuss the news of the missing essence bearers, the actions of which the Pure Heart were going to attempt - and whilst it was a tolerable cause, the removeal of essence would bring the world back into a Magriocracy, they simply could not allow the murder/sacrifice of Warryn, Flash and a few of the others taken.

A few hours later Darvan emerges from the High Kings tent, his power clearly restored to a normal level, but tiredness being evident in his movements and eyes. He moves toward the part of the camp filled with his Mages and instructs the senior mages to begin planning and setting up suitable defences around the perimiter and throughout the occupied territory - they could not have any more of them taken.

Slowly strong, and in some cases impenatrable, Wards were erected around the camp. Novices assigned to maintain a watch on them - if a ward were to disappear before its designated time they were potentially under attack. Guard patrols were set to check the permiter from within the wardings. Overall the hastily erected defences would not be enough to prevent an all out attack, but they would have ample warning considering the rest of the Bastion would be under assault first - and the humans appeared to have no leadership in place, they just milled around, taking up space and resources whilst not contributing anything. Worthless.

As Darvan begins to settle himself and rest he wonders what the world would be like if the Pure Heart succeeded... it would put The Font and The University as the superior forces within the world - as consequence of failing which can only be beneficial... that would assist Onlurin's power once again. Either way the King would benefit...
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