1st paras chapter 3 "shit to gold"

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1st paras chapter 3 "shit to gold"

Postby Galdor Mithr » Thu Jun 27, 2013 1:04 pm

in the house witht the combind bulck of bergans and wepons not to menchion the pure bulk of the paras there was not much room and with inthe first houre the houes had been named the "cooking pot" it was two storeys and the roof was open on there were the remening sniper teem and a copul of other men with ato carbines had set up on the seciond floor "eco" sechion had set up thay were the rank and fils that made up the magortey of the pltoon pistols, ato carbins and law missels old 12st centarey tec relabul and trust worey (as long as it was keept cleen) the insergens had stopt firing but on the horisen was a red glow indacating that there was inded a big fight going on
*the closd rado crakels*

"sniper teem 2 here teem 1 says the hostiles are moveing away thav left a copul of there lads here thow 15-16 tops permishion to open fire and pich em off"

"grantid when but only when the others are out of ere shot"


*rado gos silent*

"plan wolf ?" there were 12 eyes looking at him thes were the times he hatid being in comand makeing desishions that could go wrong bbut it was beter to make a mesake and put it right than sit still and whats to get shot at

"well first im scraping PID" there was the sownd of 12 dry trotes laughing and then all most insantly chofing ther lungs up grate another problm

"how much water do we have"

"lot but we werent shure when if we should drink save some for the rode"

"drink some now i didunt think you lot were that thick" aegn more laughing and chofing

at that moment the sownd of silenst gunfire from the snipers

"finaly right come on in.... 40 mins well go out and give the rest a visit" he terns to the oparator and says "relay that to the teems"

40 minits later 32 men made there way with drawn knifes towords were the enamey was last seen 41 minits later thay were cleening kifes and swaping deadly looks

"take what you can find... you and... you go find were the water is... and... hay you tree num nuts stop f****ing arownd and bring the rest of the the guys suffhay stop laughing and get on with it and move"

to be continude.....

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