A temple in Nuru

The Far East, almost unheard from since the world came close to destruction

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A temple in Nuru

Postby samthefisherman » Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:10 pm

It was a warm spring day when Bensuke exited one of the temples of Nuru, he was not alone, the one called 100 Sai walked behind him. As they passed through the royal looking arch way that was the entrance to the training ground Bensuke turned back to 100 Sai, and bowed, lowering his head low to show respect to 100 Sai. 100 Sai bowed back though not as low and began to speak

You have learnt much in these past few months, will you not stay longer and master the art of the sai?

Bensuke replied

Thank you for your kind works Master but I must leave, there is much wrong with the world that I must put right.

Then I wish you luck on your travels and Ill await your return as your training is not yet complete.

From behind is back 100 Sai produced a set of Sai.

Take these, and remember do not work as two separate weapons, but as one with, defense and attack at the same time, like a two headed dragon. Use them with honour

Bensuke took the Sai and bowed even deeper than the last time. feel i have earned the title given to me of 10 Shadows

I am honoured to have trained under you, and honoured to receive these. I will return in time, when I feel i have earned the title given to me

The both bowed once more and parted ways, Bensuke smiled as he walked away and pulled the mask up over his face.

Back inside the temple, a board of all who had trained there was displayed. A name was being added to it, '10 Shadows'.

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