Finding One's Place

Where the Rodera, Orcs, Goblins and Avians once called home

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Finding One's Place

Postby Dellam » Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:56 am

Upon the plateau that housed the Roderan capital city, a swirling gateway of purple energy flared into existence for but a few seconds and then vanished giving up it's single traveler. Dressed in his battle worn red robe and leathers, Vynrael took a moment to look around, finally allowing shoulders to slump and tension to at least in part flow out of his body. Much had happened in the conflict with the Quarin and then with 'Luthir' and it had taken its toll upon the canine. He knew he needed rest, time to process all he'd seen but there was still to much work to be done, too many matters he had to take care of. As always he had responsibilities that he could not ignore even for a moment added on top of that, from the moment he had escaped the Hope Wastes through the sword that hung at his hip he had been watching and absorbing for with struggles new and old he had come to certain realizations for the future of this world. Fingers looped into his sword belt, pulling it up and adjusting it as he drew his own self up again and he started forward into the city, not only to see what the Roderan people had been doing with themselves while he had been away and they had been isolated, but also so that he could find where the council and the Shining One did dwell. He had both to talk to and a seat it was time he took up. Then there would be letters to send and more work to do...and maybe somewhere in it all finding a place to live. It would be a long time coming but Asternias will was but waiting to be enacted.
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