Utopia: Dawn of an Era - Saga 2018

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Utopia: Dawn of an Era - Saga 2018

Postby Rebecca » Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:45 pm

“Eremine opened her eyes, and the void was filled with stars. Yet other eyes, too, may have opened at that time. Brother and sister visions… what awful or glorious form might Velmaneth have taken in their eyes?”

– passage from the journal of Brother Kessalus

A great magical unravelling has been sensed above the slopes of Mount Heart. Power rushes from there as if suddenly released from intense pressure. A seasoned band of heroes is required to investigate and deal with this.
The peoples of Velmaneth are poised at the end of an ancient path: what arrives to greet them, and the path followed from there, is in their hands. This quest will grant to the heroes knowledge of a Power that is at once of Velmaneth, and before it; but it will also grant them a more intimate view of their own world: of crimes of war, and the sins that Velmaneth has committed against itself.


A saga brought to you by Rebecca Simon and Peter Levy. No max skill. Event begins on the 11th, arrive on the 10th to enjoy pre-time-in drinks and socialising.

Prices: £350 if deposit is payed before August, £400 thereafter. Paid in full before time in. Discounts apply (cumulative 10% for student or unemployed/new players/under 18). Monstering is £20 to cover food.
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